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sponsoring a child
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FOR 1 EURO A DAY... ... You help us to eat correctly,
to go to school,
to buy clothes
and toiletries,
and medicines
(in case of need) ....


This service exists since 1991.

To date, we help: 60 persons.


Above all, you could ask the following questions: Why do you have to take up another system of sponsoring when there already are some? And why do you have so few current sponsorings?

What we would answer:

It is always easier to know exactly where the money goes and how it is used when you yourself oversee the system.
Although our wish is to help at most, as long as the association doesn't have a larger structure we do not wish to undertake the follow-up for too many persons.
In this moment, we know each child and young person, we met them as well as their relatives (parents) or their guardians; and every new commitment on behalf of a 'godfather' or of a 'godmother' is the object of an accurate search (research) from our side to find aTibetan who really needs help.



What is the minimal monthly payment?:

We based on the minimal sum of 23 € a month. This sum also contains the membership fee for our Association.
This sum is divided as follows = 15,26€ for the girl/boy; 1,52 € for the membership fee; 2,26 € for the running costs of the Association, the materials, etc...; and 3,81 € for the Common Fund.
If you want to help more... No problem. For 30,53 €, here is how your money will be used: 12,26 € for the girl/boy; 1,52 € for the subscription; 6,10 € for the Association; 7,63 € for the Common Fund

How to know if the money has been used well?:
Every trimester we send the money for the preceding three months. This transfer is done to the account of a monk whom we trust (he is himself involved in projects of social nature, and the religious Buddhists have very strict vows, among which there are vows not to steal and not to lie).
Every relative (parent) or guardian receiving the money has to sign a sheet which then returns to us. And we know enough people on the spot to supervise from time to time how such or such a child is dressed, if he is well at school, if he is often sick, etc....
And everytime one of us goes to India he visits everyone of these children, has a look at their living conditions, etc...


What is the Common Fund used for?
This money serves us in case of necessity of hospitalizing one of the Tibetans which would happen to need it, or/and for paying for an expensive treatment. But this money can also be used for other projects of social or humanitarian type, according to the activities. Every year, during the General assembly, you will be given a summary of the use of this fund, with the rest of the accounting.



Very simple: you contact us, and we send you a sponsoring form, with the bank account information. Once filled in and signed, you will return the form to us with a check for the initial payment. To your bank, you will give the Bank information to begin the automatic transfer . A check-payment is possible too, but experience showed us that any mode of payment other than the automatic transfer was a source of problems.



The moral commitment is to help this person as long as she/he will need help, and as long as you will be capable, financially, of helping him/her.
Administratively, if you came to decide to stop your sponsoring, please warn us at least three months before you stop your payments.






If you wish, we can pass on your address to your 'godchild' to establish a written link with her/him. But you should know that most of the Tibetans don't have much written relation even with their remote relatives, so please don't expect to receive a lot of mail.
Although certain godchildren write at least one letter every three months, others are either careless about this relation or are very involved in their studies and they forget. We wanted to mention this to you because certain godfathers and godmothers have simply cancelled their commitment because of dissatisfaction of not having more contact with the person whom she/he helps. What is understandable, but on the other hand, we could ask: why do we help somebody? Are we expecting some return for it?
No money in envelopes! There is a risk that the mail would not arrive. If you wish to send the child a little supplementary money for special occasions like New Year, send the money to the Association and we will send it via one of the current transfers, and ask for a supplementary signature for this sum.

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Sending parcels:

Maybe you want to send a parcel to your godchild; it's a good thing to do and will maintain contact with him or her. But please consider what you send.
avoid objects of value. On one hand because there is a risk that the parcel would not to arrive (the Indian postal services are what they are!); then because it would give birth to greeds. Please, know as well as if you help a monk, he has no right to possess valuable things.
privilege useful objects instead of toys. A beautiful exercise book, pens, paintings, pencils, or any toiletries (toothbrush with an image, soap, etc ...)
And among toys, please, think rather of collective games; the Tibetan are often in group.
No food or fragile objects. Easy to understand.
And finally, please,
avoid post stamps! it's better to get from the Post office a self-adhesive paper without any collecting value ... Certain agents of the Indian post offices could want to resell the stamps and your parcel wouldn't come far. Also, please, send your parcel as Registered.
And if you wish more information before and during your sponsorship, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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