Kharnang region is one of the remotest rural areas of eastern Tibet. The nearest town lies about 80km away, and nomadic tribe inhabits the region. Event though, we are moving into the 21st century, this high plateau has been remained underdeveloped and the life still continued identical to itself since century. The issue of advancement and development in other world is unheard to them

The community pays tremendous respect and reverence for the monastery, which is nestled in the hills away from two to three hours walking distance from their tent camp (woven from yak wool), who are shifting their base seasonally depending upon the availability of the vegetation to their domestic animals. The monastery plays a very vital and constructive role in their social and spiritual development. They seek their learning through monastic education. Apart from that, majority of the citizens is illiterate though their devotion and gentleness are out standing.


Between 1996 and 2000, the people of the ethnic Tibetan nomadic region suffered some of the worst snowstorms and drought in recent history. This has had a drastic impact on the environment and livestock, the very basis of survival for these nomadic people. Many herders lost up to 90% of their Yak and sheep, leaving them and their families destitute. The annual income is only about 31 euros per person.

With literacy as low as 10%, these people have little opportunity to access alternative livelihoods. Access to food is beyond the means of many. The opportunity for families to send their children to school, almost nil.


Keeping in view of the above genuine problems facing to the people of this region, the monastery administration has decided to launch few projects in order to develop the community of the Kharnang area. After local consultation, Amchi decided to get involved in some of them, in which our experience and contacts could bring some benefits.


Institute of higher Buddhist studies

An institute for learning and education is of the first importance to develop and enrich the human Knowledge and understanding. This institute will be a place where monks can learn Buddhist philosophy, dialectical studies, Tibetan, and literature.
This project involves the construction of five classrooms, a library, and staff quarters. Beside funding, monthly food allowances for 150 monk students is necessary. The estimated cost of the construction will be around 14 000 euros. Thi sum is based on the assumption that the monastery has its own contracting authority and thus the cost would be much less than usual market prices.


Dispensary project

Health has always been a Major concern of community development. It is a basic requirement, not only for the fulfillment of the human aspiration, but also for the enjoyment all mankind of a better quality of a life. Living up with better healthy life could contribute to the better community development.
Since there is no provision for even a clinic in the region, these nomads have to travel about 80 km to seek even first aids attention. In Most emergency case, the patients hardly survive. They have a strong faith in nature and most of the time they try to recover through herbal and healing partition. The chance of recovery is feeble and lots of them succumb to death. Keeping these fundamental problems in view, the construction of a diagnostic room, patient's ward, laboratory, doctor's residence, and dispensary staff residents is necessary. In all, we need to built 16 rooms. Beside this, an ambulance is essential in order to take the most serious patients to major hospitals in the city, which lies at a distance of about 2 to 3 hours , with very bad roads. The dispensary also needs a permanent residential doctor and two staff nurses, as well as donations to buy Medicines for the patients.


Old age home

One of the biggest problems of the Kharnang regions, are the old age people. whose ultimate desire is to live nearby the monastery. Nomadic tribes often have to shift their base camp according to available vegetation for their domestic animals. Due to this reason, older people cannot move physically with the rest of their family members, and try to find a place close to the nearby monastery, which provides food for some of them.

There are more then 50 old age people residing near the monastery under very poor conditions, mostly looking after themselves. Having an old age home for them would be really solving a big problem.


In order to improve their living conditions, the old age home project is imperative in the Kharnang region. The project requires an initial stage of construction of 16 residential rooms along with a kitchen, a storeroom, few toilets and one big generator. A part from that, we need a fund for monthly food allowance of about 16 euros per month for about 50 old age peoples, this project would cost around 46 000 euros and can be made possible only through your kind and generous help.



The problem faced by the people of Kharnang region have remain unsolved till now, because no official administration has ever undertook the development of any project in this region. These communities are much relaying on the monastery for every major problem. The monastery administration is paying attention to their needs, but due to the lack of sufficient financial ability and support, has not been able to solve their problems entirely. As the spiritual head of the monastery, Jamyang Rinpoche has responsibility to attend their basic problems and is sincerely trying to launch these projects for the improvement of facilities and decent living conditions of the local community.

"I, therefore, appeal to all generous and kindhearted people to make your valuable contributions and extend your support in making that above-mentioned project in to a reality.
Sarva Mangalam & Tashi Delek."

Yangtrul Rinpoche, Project Manager