Health project update

Construction in Ngari Khamtsen
Construction in Drati Khamtsen


During the winter 2003/2004 Amchi was able to raise enough funds to make a first building of showers and toilets in Sera-Jhe monastery. Then during the spring 2005 we were able to send enough funds to complete a second building in a different place of Sera-Jhe, in great need of improvement of hygiene conditions.
In the last ten years in India ,prices have increased drastically, it's now necessary to raise far bigger amount for a simple construction.


Construction in Ngari Khamtsen:

We chose to make the first building in a medium sized khamtsen of the monastery (a Khamtsen being a block of houses regrouping monks from the same area in Tibet , India and Nepal ). This khamsten has been chosen because of the increasing number of monks they have been welcoming through the past year, the contacts we had with them, enabling us to know they will use the money correctly and according to our principles. They also had little facilities regarding hygiene, and were willing to cooperate in a hygiene program. Following the constructions of the two shower and toilet blocks we were able to explain to all children the necessities of a good hygiene, but also of a proper and healthy way of eating, with less spices.


During the construction:

After completion:


The cost of the building was of 3300 euros dispatched according to the following table:

Price in €
Plumbing materials
Various items (doors, windows, paint, water tank, etc ...)


Construction in Drati Khamtsen:

The second building took place in one of the poorest Khamtsen of Sera Jhe, hosting many monks from South-East India principally. The project there was to destroy the old existing toilets, and to build at the same place a new little complex with two showers and four toilets and an inside tap and sink, as well as a new system of evacuation of used water and a big water tank. As Tulku Tenzin Gyurme, president of Drati Kahmtsen Committee said: "We feel overjoyed to let you know that about 100 monks are directly benefiting daily from the new construction and during important gatherings it benefits 350 monks of the Sera-Jhe Drati Khamtsen. It is helping immensely for the health of all young and old monks here and we have now a healthy environment. It is directly contributing a lot to studies of all the monks here."

All pictures of the construction can be seen in the photo album

The completed block of 4 toilets and 2 showers:


The complete cost was of 3400 euros for this building including a new water tank and electric pump.

Price in €
Construction materials (sand, steel, stone, cement, etc...)
Toilets and bathroom necessities (tiles, wash basin, toilets, etc...)
Construction charges
New water bore well and electric pump
Pipes, showers, taps, etc...
Installation charges



Amchi's plan is to be able to continue this building with other khamtsens who have been very responsive to this project. The same amount of toilets and showers would be necessary. This allows the construction to be possible without too many delays, as the necessary amounts are not to big. It is now necessary to collect the sum of 3600 euros.

On-line donations are possible to support the project, a donation meter will be available soon to show the donations progress and the completion of the second phase of the building.

A convention has been established with the "Dharmaling Foundation" in Slovenia , to be able to group our efforts and associate our technical abilities to make quicker progress with the different projects.


Education project update


Amchi is currently sponsoring the scholarship of one boy in India who is now in the 12th grade of his studies. Far beyond the cost of a traditional sponsorship, the cost of one scholarship is of 800 euros per year, therefore the establishment of a regular fund for this purpose is the only stable way to ensure a regular help to all those children in need.
In India it is possible to ensure a basic primary education, but college and university have become too expensive for families to afford. Children and teenagers having the wish to study, good results are therefore forced to stop their studies and look for work.
(More about the education project)

Lately, Amchi took over the sponsorship and financial help of a 9-year old handicapped girl from Ladhak (North West India), Sonam Palzä (see the small photo album). Having caught a disease from a young age, and due to the lack of resources in medical facilities, equipment and doctors, her diagnosis had never been made properly, no real treatment was applied. This girl then moved to South India to an institute of reeducation and rehabilitation where she can be taken care of and helped through the help of different reeducative exercises. There through the help of Tibetan medicine and the care she can receive in a specialized institution she might be able to improve her condition.

For a family of farmers from Ladhak this is almost impossible to afford, starting by the cost of the travel, cost of the institute, cost of guest house and help during the holidays of the institute.
Sonam Palzä needs financial help to improve her life and give some chances of progress in a near future. It often looks impossible to save all the children in need, but to help one can be simple and affordable, to set a monthly transfer of the amount of a sponsorship can make the difference.

To help sonam, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or set up a monthly transfer with the mention: "help for sonam Palzä". According to your wish you will be able to communicate with Sonam and her family by letters and receive frequent news and updates on her and her health.


Last updates on Sonam situation:

Sonam condition improved greatly in the institute where she is. With a good care and different exercises adapted to her condition, she is now able to stand by herself, and walk slowly. In a few months it is far more progress than some years in Ladhak. Sonam seems to be very happy and well cared for by different dedicated workers there, and she is visited regularly by her uncle, a monk of Sera-Jhe monastery who organized her placement and transportation there.




In order to be able to equip the dispensary of Kharnang a big sum of money is necessary. Not speaking about other projects. We are currently organising different events to make fund raising, slide shows, walks for Kharnang, etc...

To help on a stable basis to enhance and maintain the daily life's conditions, Amchi has choosen 14 young monks of Kharnang to try to find sposnors for them. These monks are the poorest of the monastery, due to very difficult family background (usually no parents, and no ressources). We currently found 10 sponsors, which is not much according to the needs.
Not many persons are interested for these sponsorships, as contact is not easy. It is very possible that no letter will come through the Chinese posts, and only a handfull of monks can speak english in the monastery. But their living conditions are very difficult, with very low temperatures during most of the year, scarce food and big difficulties to find medicines.
If you have the wish to help them, please have a look on the sponsorship page