In many countries health is often a cause of distress. Because the health system is very poor, or inexistent, because the costs for the medicines and doctors are unaffordable, little sicknesses which cannot be treated properly often transform into chronicle diseases, bringing much pain and suffering.
Such suffering could be easily avoided, by giving the chance to children ad adults to buy a little amount of medicine. By educating people on hygiene. By providing some facilities related to hygiene and health.
AMCHI “health fund”, is dedicated to short and long terms projects, related with health and hygiene. The fund is used according to projects defined and planned, but as well for some emergency cases.


Construction of showers in Tibetan refugees camps in south India:
In Tibet, hygiene was not one of the main concerns of the population. The high altitude, the quality of atmosphere, along with the cold temperatures, and difficulties to get water, was making hygiene difficult. A lack of hygiene was not always a problem. The Tibetan refugees of South India brought with them their customs, but they are now un-adapted to the climate of South India, were hygiene is an important concern for health. There is a lack of facilities; a tap in the middle of a courtyard can be the washing point for 100 monks. Difficult in such conditions to wash properly all the parts of the body. With the climate a little cut can get easily infected.
Building showers in some places would benefit a large amount of persons, and can be coupled with an education about hygiene.
The cost of the construction would be around 5000 euros, for a block of 6 showers and toilets, the digging of a sceptic tank, the furniture, an amount of soap and cleaning products, some paint for future renovation ….
The showers will be a simple, hygienic and simple to maintain building. No special tiles or costly furniture. Only cement painted, which will need a simple maintenance every year.
If the budget is not completely spent on this construction it would be used to extend it, or reinvested in the fund for other purposes.

Sponsoring medical equipment and medicines for different hospitals and dispensaries. In India, Tibet and Russia:
Year after years the demand of hospital and dispensary is always there. On antibiotics, vitamins, complements, little equipment …
AMCHI is as well now helping a little dispensary in Tibet. The transport of equipments and items, medicine is always a problem due to the political situation and occupation of Tibet by Chinese. Due to the different tensions we will not mention in what exact part the dispensary is located, but an update of our actions will be made later on.


Sponsoring the wages of nurses to take care of babies and young children in hospital for street children in Russia:

More information can be read on the page of the Russian project. The cost of a nurse to take care of children would be of 150 euros every month. It is not much for a salary, but at the same time the annual cost is of 1800 euros, and is subject to re-evaluation, according to the Russian situation. An additional nurse is the possibility to change babies more than once per day, to spend individually more time with the children. It is as well a counter influence to state nurses wanting to do as less as possible in their work. The nurses sponsored by AMCHI will have an education prior to their work, and will have more dedication, motivation with the children.

Local actions according to some emergencies:

It can be a hospitalisation, the cost of a plane ticket, some urgent and costly medical intervention.Our ability to engage and support all these actions depends on your generosity.

If you want to help one of those actions follow the link.