Here are some pictures of surgeries done at the Sera-Jhe's dispensary during the three humanitarian missions in 1990-1992-1994.
"I am not and I never considered myself a surgeon or a qualified doctor. I've studied what could help me to help others or even to save life, from a private faculty aiming mostly at third-world countries, from books and during several trainings in hospital. I've answered some needs, according to my qualifications and the events.
In the circumstance I found myself, it is 'if you know how to do, do it'; I've done what I could. My wish? To continue to participate in humanitarian mission a few months every year; whichever the country."

A boy of 17 who fell on a broken window. The facial artery is sectioned as well as a part of the masseter muscle, and also the lip and its artery; and there is a cut in the gum from which a piece of glass has been removed from the bone.
General anaesthesia for 4 hours (Ketamine IV). Blood-pressure 6/4 in the beginning. Refilled with macromolecules and G5%. Muscular stitches. Closing with drainage. Antalgic (Buprenorphine) and anti-emetic (Primperan) injections. Awakening correct; blood pressure stable after 1h. No complication.

(6 months later)

Child of 12 years whose head was injured on a rock while diving in a river (the yellow part in the midle of the picture is the skull bone).
Local anesthesia (Lidocaine); Stitches. No complication.

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Youngster of 15 years who cut his hand falling on a piece of glass. No deep injury.

A person of 20 years. Piece of metal in the knee bone.
Local anesthesia, progressive (Lidocaine). Stitches. No complication.

Child of 14 years who fell on a nail which went through the hand, from the basis of the thumb.
Arterial hemorrhagie.
Regional anaesthesia (hand blockade). Enlargement of the wound to stop the bleeding of the small artery.Closing with drainage. No complication.
Child of 11 years with phymosis and an inflammation.
General anaesthesia (Ketamine IV). 'Duhamel's method, and stitches. Good awakening. No complication.
Thigh abscess; inner side
General anaesthesia (Ketamine IM). Cleaning. Closing with drainage. Slow recovery.
Finger abces.
Regional anaesthesia, hand blockade (Lidocaine). Opening on both sides, closing with drainage (caoutchouc strip). No complication.
And from time to time, some surgery on animals (on Paros)....
General anaesthesia (Ketamine IM)