Educational access in India is based on the resources of the people. No resources means no education. There is no help system, no program of education for all.
The cost of a regular school can be up to 800 euros per year, which is the cost of 4 sponsorships only to cover education expenses, not speaking about clothes, schools books, etc … University costs are even higher, which we can resume to unaffordable for most of the people.

AMCHI is already sponsoring children, on the base of an help to cover basic expenses, such as food complement, clothes, medicines, books, etc… The children sponsored, usually inside a monastery or in Tibetan settlement, have access to schools which costs are reduced or taken in charge by institutions. Moreover the effort consented by the family to cover the expenses of one children is not possible any longer when a second one comes to be in the same situation. The others expenses such as food clothes, medical costs cannot be covered any more when they occur.



The AMCHI “Education Fund” will be dedicated to help specifically the education expenses of those children. The help will be offered following AMCHI principles:

The child and his family are known (to be sure they are in need of help, that the money will be well used for the purpose of education, etc..)

The help is given for one year, and is extended according to the situation of the child, the progress made, the situation of the school.

The expenses are paid directly to the school, according to clear, detailed and exposed expenses. Following a contract signed with the school. The idea of creating a fund is to be able to answer to the needs already existing in an efficient way. A child in need of help for his school expenses cannot wait one year, or the time that we search for the money. He needs it now, or will stop his studies, go to work very early. The long terms consequences being catastrophic for the future generations. Education for nowadays generation is really what will ensure the well and better going of our world situation.

AMCHI fund will be based on a remunerative account. To use mostly, if not only, the interest provided by this fund. To be able to help a child on a long term basis, knowing that the money to help him will be there year after year. To help now, in an efficient way we need to establish this fund as soon as possible.

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